Petuna Seafoods


Order fulfilment project

Project Objectives

  • Reduce Frozen Work-in-Process through improved production planning
  • Improve communication across business units and departments
  • Develop a highly responsive customer feedback process
  • Create greater accountability for cross departmental responsibilities
  • Integrate established business systems

Project Team

Marcel Fillion
Petuna Seafoods

Elesha Spillane
Petuna Seafoods

Ben Shankland
Harvest Moon

Damien Smith
Direct Edge Marketing


Bob Cother
The Action Learning Institute

Key Measurables

  • 100% allocation of available fish
  • Customer feedback response times
  • Staff utilisation and performance
  • Frozen Work-in-Process levels
  • Development of system integration tools

Companies Involved

  • Petuna (host)
  • Harvest Moon
  • Direct Marketing Manufacturing

Approach taken

  • Detailed briefing by senior management
  • Tour of the factory operations and documentation of initial impressions
  • Meetings with stakeholders
  • Presentations by team members and stakeholders
  • Data collection and analysis to investigate conclusions
  • Developed Swim Lane diagram of the process
  • Decision on areas to focus upon
  • Development of proposals for a range of improvement initiatives:
    • Plan strategic stock levels of frozen Work-in-Process
    • Implement/communicate plan efficiently
    • Efficient rostering
    • Develop process for customer feedback management
    • Establish cross-departmental responsibilities
    • Integrated IT Systems
  • Implementation plan created
  • Weekly review meetings undertaken

Summary of outcomes

  • Frozen Work-in-Process is at a planned level
  • Integrated planning tool in development
  • Regular team meetings between various stakeholders
  • Efficiently planned production and staff allocation
  • Customer feedback process documented for use by Sales and QA departments
  • Roles and responsibilities template developed for use by departments, to be used in future process reviews
  • Clever use of data integration, with the new planning tool and other integrated features to complement investment in business systems