Competitive SME

KimchiMe at Harvest Market

“It opened my eyes to wider opportunities for my business.”
Sue Glynn, KimchiMe Founder and Competitive SME participant

Competitive SME

The Competitive SME Program is designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses.

Small groups of businesses work together on individual projects, or joint endeavours, applying principles of competitive systems and practices, sustainable operations, business and people management. Each business establishes individual business goals and performance indicators to measure learning and improvement outcomes.

Participants in Competitive SME programs receive 12 months Individual Membership and personal mentoring from industry-based business improvement specialists.

Program Objectives

  • To increase the profitability and competitiveness of small businesses in a region
  • To develop an “alumni” network of small businesses, learning with and from each other and the wider BALT network
  • To develop capabilities within the region for self-directed action learning

The action learning process

Initial one-on-one consultations with a highly experienced business improvement specialist will be followed by a series of facilitated action learning sessions with other business leaders from your region.

Further one-on-one mentoring will be provided between sessions, with a range of additional events for shared learning across the wider business community.

The program is likely to span 9-12 months with sets of 6-7 participants.

All participants will have access to an online learning platform, the Action Learning Exchange, and BALT network events.

Key measurables

Key measurables will be established during one-on-one sessions with a qualified action learning facilitator, based on the problem or opportunity under focus. Examples include, successful tender application, ISO certification, increased sales/turnover/profit, reduction in staff turnover, improved product/service quality, reduction in Lost Time Injuries (LTI), etc.

Who should be involved

Owners/operators or top management  of small to medium-sized businesses.

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