Locomotive maintenance

Project Objectives

  • Supply the required number of TasRail locomotives to Freight Services when required; and

  • Minimise downtime of the TasRail locomotive fleet for scheduled maintenance

Project Team


Gavin Brooks


Trent Swain

Robyn Lapthorne

Tom Frain
Kempe Engineering

Natalee Page
Tasmanian Alkaloids



Roxanne Chugg
Excellent Outcomes

Key measurables

  • Locomotive availability

  • Locomotive out-of-service time

Companies involved

  • TasRail (host)

  • Tasmanian Alkaloids

  • Kempe Engineering

Approach taken

  • Detailed site walk-arounds using Lean Wastes (WORMPIT) to understand each aspect of the current process and identify possible issues

  • Developed a story board to capture initial impressions around potential bottlenecks, causes of issues and process improvements

  • Developed a Stakeholder Analysis to understand with whom we needed to engage and communicate

  • Met with a range of stakeholders to establish outcome target(s)

  • Developed Spaghetti Maps of current work flow for locomotive movements and “B” services – locomotive and people movement

  • Completed a Time and Motion study of “B” service

  • Created a current state Value Stream Map

  • Developed a swim lane process map of the future state

  • Developed an Gantt Chart (Implementation Plan)

  • Completed a Cost Benefit Analysis

Summary of outcomes

  • Improved locomotive availability for increased revenue
  • Reduced out of service time from 4 days to 3 days for “B” Service
  • Implementation of 5S throughout the workshop
  • Freed up time for maintainers to participate and work on ways to continuously improve practice
  • Improved open communication between different stakeholders
  • LED pit lighting 30 per cent cheaper to run and maintain and improved work environment for maintainers
  • Increased training and fixed plant maintenance