Tas-Fab Laser Services


Shop floor information

Project Objectives

  • Establish a framework for:
    • Job definition and skills required for the job
    • Processes and documentation
    • Visual management and visual communication in the workplace
    • Integration with the TKO system

Project Team

Duane Bird
Tas-Fab Laser Services

David Thomas
Tas-Fab Laser Services

Ian Harris
ACL Bearing Co.

Brian Lockhart
Bell Bay Aluminium

Nick Williams
Kempe Engineering


Bob Cother
The Action Learning Institute

Bill Woodworth
Bell Bay Aluminium

Key measurables

  • Within five weeks, to have developed the framework, using the laser operator job role as the prototype
  • Within six months, to have rolled the framework out across the Profile Cutting Department

Companies involved

  • Tas-Fab Laser Services (host)

  • Bell Bay Aluminium

  • Kempe Engineering

  • ACL Bearing Co.

Approach taken

  • Value Stream Mapping of laser services
  • Collection of key data for Laser 3050
  • Employee interviews
  • Legislative review
  • Developed task list for operator to determine information required
  • Explored hard copy and display options
  • Trialled (existing) online TKO system
  • Developed a Profile Cutting Department Menu on existing workstation terminal:
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Troubleshooting
    • Risk Assessment
    • Skills Matrix
    • Job Descriptions
    • Training Plan
    • Developed procedure for assessing skills and training new recruits
    • Identified options for external training and relevant funding sources

Summary of outcomes

  • Accelerated development of employees
  • For employees, greater job satisfaction and a pathway to achieve their potential
  • Freed up supervisor to concentrate on supervision and team development for:
    • smoother more consistent work
    • flow
    • less rework
    • shorter lead times
    • higher quality output