Tamar Valley Dairy


Factory layout

Project Objectives

  • A block layout for the new factory showing the location and orientation of major production lines and items of plant and equipment for optimum flow of production
  • A transition plan for relocation of plant and equipment from the old factory to the new factory with minimum loss of production and subject to a maximum build up of 5 days stock

Project Team

Manuel Matteo
Tamar Valley Dairy

Jose Florez
Tamar Valley Dairy

Allen Wells
ACL Bearing Co.

Jessica Rouse
Bell Bay Aluminium


Bob Cother
The Action Learning Institute

Key measurables

  • Block layout plan developed

  • Transition plan developed

Companies involved

  • Tamar Valley Dairy (host)

  • ACL Bearing Co.

  • Bell Bay Aluminium

Approach taken

  • Site tour and observation of production processes
  • Brainstorming session to reflect on current process
  • Product grouping
  • Process mapping
  • Discussion with stakeholders
  • Development and investigation of options
  • Preparation of recommended layout
  • Preparation of relocation strategy, considering:
    • Concurrent introduction of KANBAN and staging points
    • Staged relocation of manufacturing, packaging, warehouse, etc
    • Build up of finished goods
    • Training and communication

Summary of outcomes

  • Factory layout and relocation strategy implemented as planned

  • Stock build up did not exceed five days

  • Subsequent change of ownership led to scaling up of production and introduction of new product lines – these changes were facilitated by the layout and process improvement introduced through the project