For Tasmania

Tasmania has the advantage of strong social networks across small regions and across the state. BALT aims to leverage this advantage by creating learning clusters across supply chains, industry sectors and regional areas to expedite business improvement and increase the competitiveness of Tasmanian companies in the global context. BALT programs demonstrate the efficacy of collaborative action learning in achieving measurable outcomes and facilitating business to business relationships, building trust and promoting cooperation.

BALT works closely with research and training partner, The Action Learning Institute, to continually develop its strategy to advance the performance of industry in Tasmania and raise the skills of the workforce.

The BALT action learning model, sometimes referred to as ‘the Tasmanian model’, has attracted attention in the international action learning community. It is unique in the world, in that it is the only example of companies working together to achieve business outcomes and formal qualifications through action learning.

BALT programs have been subsidised by the Tasmanian government.