ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

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ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Program Objectives

  • Use an action learning approach to design, implement and/or evaluate a quality management system
  • Understand and satisfy internal and external stakeholder requirements
  • Engage key employees in the systems and processes of quality management
  • Share knowledge and provide ‘fresh eyes’ across participating companies
  • Create systems that meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and add value to the business

Key measurables

Key measurables will be established during project planning however some suggested targets could be:

  • Successful certification against ISO 9001:2015 (costs of certification not included)
  • Measurable improvement against established quality indicators, such as:
    • customer complaints
    • closing out of corrective action
    • nonconformance trends
    • customer and employee feedback surveys
  • Internal audit results
  • Successful qualification of project team members against nationally recognised qualifications in Competitive Systems and Practices or Sustainable Operations

Who should be involved?

Participants at any level of the organisation, who have a role to play in quality management.

Companies at any stage of development or implementation of quality management. This program can assist with increasing employee engagement in an existing system, re-engineering a system that doesn’t quite ‘fit’, or starting from the ground up to create a fully customised system.

ISO 9001 has been created for application across any industry or business model. Individuals and organisations will gain invaluable insights from applying the standard in their own business and seeing how it is applied in another context.

This program can be modified to accommodate integrated systems for safety and environmental management.

A supplementary Internal Auditor program is also available.

The action learning process

The ISO 9001 action learning program involves a minimum of three companies, each developing or implementing their own management system as an action learning project.

Each company nominates three people to participate in the program. Two of the nominated people participate in their ‘home’ company project and a project at one of the other companies. The third person only participates in their ‘home’ project.

Each project is undertaken at the host company. The Project Team and  their facilitator(s) work intensively together, one day per week over five weeks. At the conclusion of the Five Day Workshop Series, the team present their management system recommendations, together with a detailed implementation plan, to the senior management of all participating companies.

The ‘home’ members of the team then lead the implementation of the team’s recommendations with support from their facilitators and Project Champion.

At the conclusion of the implementation stage, all stakeholders (senior management of participating companies, project teams, funding bodies and other interested parties) gather at a review forum to share the results of the project implementation and disseminate the learnings. The ‘home’ team of each company presents the project outcomes and results are evaluated against the measurable targets established during project planning.

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