The Process

A BALT action learning program typically involves a minimum of three companies undertaking one project each. Each company nominates a project and three people to participate in the program. Two of the nominated people participate in their ‘home’ company project and a project at one of the other companies. The third person only participates in their ‘home’ project. This allows for a team of five for each project.

A discretionary sixth team member can be added, eg. another company can join the program or a university student can participate as a Journeyperson.

A trainee facilitator can also be included to develop action learning capabilities within the cohort.

Each project is undertaken at the host company. The Project Team and  their facilitator(s) work intensively together, one day per week over five weeks. At the conclusion of the Five Day Workshop Series, the team present their recommendations, together with a detailed implementation plan, to the senior management of all participating companies.

The ‘home’ members of the team then lead the implementation of the team’s recommendations with support from their facilitators and Project Champion.

At the conclusion of the implementation stage, all stakeholders (senior management of participating companies, project teams, funding bodies and other interested parties) gather at a review forum to share the results of the project implementation and disseminate the learnings. The ‘home’ team of each company presents the project outcomes and results are evaluated against the measurable targets established during project planning.