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Business Resource Efficiency Program

Circular economy innovations in Europe and the UK

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What existing Circular Economy innovations can we adopt in Tasmania?

Join us online in Zoom for an insightful presentation on the economic potential of transitioning to a circular economy. Churchill Fellow, Brad Mashman, will present success stories from Belgium, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. With waste production in Australia increasing by 5 million tonnes since 2017, this report highlights the critical success factors and future opportunities for Tasmania and Australia. Discover how the EU’s circular economic packages, driven by strong leadership and collaboration among stakeholders, generated €147 billion in value-added outputs while restoring relationships with the environment. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to open your eyes to the possibilities – and the work that must be done – for Tasmania to transition to a circular economy.

By the end of this event, participants will have knowledge of:

  • Recovery Circular Economic Hub products and services
  • Circular economic initiatives in Europe and the UK
  • Circular economy innovations emerging from applied initiatives
  • Products and services that could be replicated in Tasmania

Brad Mashman

Director & Founder, Recovery Circular Economic Hub

Brad Mashman is an accomplished innovator and Circular Economy expert with a diverse background in industrial design and manufacturing. Over 30 years ago, Brad co-found Recovery Circular Economic Hub, a company engaging industry and community to lead the recovery of sophisticated products and materials. As a Churchill Fellow, he undertook investigations into circular economy practices in Europe, with fellow Director, Rena Dare. Brad believes that a Circular Economy is the most important idea of the 21st century, and is committed to assisting the Australian economy through waste reform. Join Brad as he shares his extensive knowledge and experience in driving economic transition towards a more sustainable future.