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Lifecycle Assessment

This event is entirely free
BREP working groups will be given preference, where numbers are limited.

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An introduction to Lifecycle Assessment from Australia’s leading LCA practitioner and educator.

Understanding performance measurement, reporting and accreditation helps businesses make decisions about the standard to which they aspire and those to which they want others to be held. Life Cycle Assessment uses data to model the resource usage and environmental impacts of a product or service, its materials and processes, and end-of-life scenario, eg. Landfill, recycle, repair.

Tim Grant is visiting Tasmania for one day only to meet face-to-face with BREP participants and other eligible SMEs, not-for-profits and local government. 

By the end of this event, participants will have knowledge of:

  • LCA principles and basic process,
  • Relevant case studies,
  • A range of tools and types of assessment,
  • References to reliable sources of information online,
  • Services and specialists available in Australia.

Tim Grant

Director & Founder, Lifecycles

Tim is the sole director and founder of Lifecycles, a premium supplier of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and circular economy services across Australia and internationally.

Tim has been instrumental in the development of data and leading-edge scientific support for supply chain sustainability tools. He has contributed to several books, being co-author of Life Cycle Assessment: Principles, Practice and Prospects (CSIRO Publishing) and Design + Environment: A Global Guide to Designing Greener Goods (Greenleaf Publishing Limited).

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