Waste auditing

Waste auditing is a critical process for improving sustainability and efficiency. It involves systematically examining resource usage and management practices to identify opportunities for improvement.

Sustainable Business Models

A sustainable business model integrates principles that reduce waste, encourage reuse, and promote the regeneration of natural systems.

Financing CE innovation

Navigating the financial aspects of transitioning to a circular economy can be challenging for SMEs (small to medium-sized businesses) with limited capital.

BREP Online Learning

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Life Cycle Assessment

LCA helps us understand the complete picture of how a product impacts our planet, allowing businesses and consumers to make more environmentally responsible choices.

Image of Tasmanian's largest injection moulding machine
Mitchell Plastic Welding

Mitchell Plastic Welding (MPW) is at a pivotal stage in establishing a vertically integrated closed-loop plastic manufacturing system in Tasmania.

Image of the Reuse Shop exterior
The Reuse Shed

The Reuse Shed aims to divert metals from reprocessing and extract greater value from the embedded energy in its existing form by up-cycling, reusing, and repurposing it in practical and creative ways.

Manual feeding of a continuous flow pyrolysis plant.
The New Black

The New Black biochar production company grew from an idea to produce biochar from sawmill waste and use the heat generated for drying green timber.

Biochar Living Lab & Lighthouse

Frank Strie from Terra Preta Developments formed a working group with Geoff Watson of CPT Engineering to establish a Biochar Living Lab and Lighthouse in George Town.

BREP Case Studies

Join the community “We are very efficient at many things already because stinginess is a waste-fighting superpower!” Karina DambergsCidermaker, Red Brick Road Ciderworks “I had really good engagement from staff. Everyone wants to be a part of the solution.” Anna RobertsonGeneral Manager, Bridestowe Lavender Estate “I learned a lot from other set members, who had […]